Security Consulting

Gossamer offers a wide range of IT security consulting services to complement the services of our accredited laboratories. Often specialized consulting that cannot be offered by an evaluation or testing team can prove instrumental in the efficient completion of an evaluation or testing project.

Also, the experiences acquired through the process of evaluation and testing are valuable and have utility beyond those evaluation and testing programs. Gossamer's ever-growing expertise is available to help you in many different ways, contact us for more information.

Security Assessment

We will assess products in order to recommend applicable certification targets.

Requirment and Gap Analysis

We  will assess products against identified requirements in order to identify any differences and offer recommendations.

Evaluation Mediation and Oversight

We will plan, organize, coordinate, and oversee evaluation projects to facilitate efficient and cost-effective success.

Documentation Guidance and Development

We can work with your team, or independently, to fill any gaps in required evaluation materials.

Security Test Support

We can help develop test plans, define test cases, implement test procedures or programs, and execute test plans to produce test results.


We offer custom training in product certification, security requirements, and other security related topics based on many years of direct experience.

Architecture and Vulnerability Anaysis

We can perform analysis services geared toward identifying potential flaws in your security products or systems.

Custom Consulting Services

Utilizing our extensive experience we will work with you to help solve your specific IT security-related problems.