We Are One Year Old Today!!!!

It has been one year since Gossamer opened its doors, so to speak. A lot has happened in that year and things are looking bright for the future.

We have presented at the 13th ICCC conference in Paris last year and are scheduled to present at the 14th ICCC conference in Orlando this year. We have also signed a number of contracts and have been actively working most of our first year, in addition to growing our own capabilities (e.g., infrastructure, tools, training, etc.) in our spare time.

On one hand, we have satisfied the NVLAP requirements for our Common Criteria Testing Laboratory and are approved to perform evaluations. Final accreditation will be achieved once we complete a trial evaluation. On the other hand, our Cryptographic & Security Testing Laboratory has achieved accreditation in a relatively short period. As a result, we have a number of evaluation and testing projects ongoing and are seeking additional Common Criteria and Cryptographic Testing projects on an on-going basis.

We are hopeful that during the next year we will necessarily expand our staff and perhaps relocate to a larger facility, so stay tuned for future updates.


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