Network Devices

The Gossamer Common Criteria Testing Laboratory has performed Common Criteria Evaluation testing for a variety of Network Devices (router, switches, firewalls).

Gossamer has been successful in achieving the NIAP 90-day evaluation in the majority of our evaluations, setting us apart from all of the other NIAP-accredited Common Criteria testing laboratories. The keys to achieving timely NDPP evaluations lie in a laboratory that is well prepared and fully cognizant of the testing requirements and a responsive developer that has a product that is nearly ready to release and can also quickly address any issues that might be identified.

As explained on the Common Criteria Evaluation page, Gossamer offers a range of services from just performing the evaluation and testing to a full service offering including the required Security Target, Entropy analysis, Cryptographic Algorithm Verification, and other consulting as may be needed on a case by case basis.

While Gossamer is largely focused on mobile technologies, Gossamer remains an outstanding choice among the NIAP-accredited Common Criteria testing laboratories for the evaluation of network devices and other technologies. 

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