About Gossamer

Gossamer Security Solutions is a world class evaluation and consulting business specializing in IT security evaluation, testing, and consulting services. It was founded in 2012 by James Arnold, Tammy Compton, and Edward Morris — internationally recognized leaders in the IT security evaluation and cryptographic & security testing fields.

At the end of 2014, Gossamer was the newest NIAP-accredited Common Criteria Testing Laboratory.

Based on the year-end numbers for 2014, Gossamer has come from behind to become one of NIAP's highest performing laboratories in terms of evaluations completed in the current Common Criteria evaluation paradigm. 


However, while Gossamer has been completing a relatively large number of evaluations, Gossamer has also been completing those evaluations on an average of 3-6 times faster (measured from kick-off to certificate date) than any other NIAP-accredited laboratory. 

This makes Gossamer the clear choice for your evaluation needs. Contact Gossamer today.